Dance Weekend med Wali och Arienne – Bremen, Tyskland

fre 9 - lör 10 mars 2018

Dance Weekend Bremen (Germany)

Our yearly short Sufi and Dance weekend retreat in Bremen.

The Heart of Compassion.

Sufis want to travel to the heart, Buddhists to the other shore. A workshop to open the heart and offer a raft for reaching the other shore together.


German spoken.




Kursledare: Wali och Arienne
Anmälan: http://www.peaceinmotion.eu/main/index.php?id=42&p
Plats: Bremen, Tyskland

Movement and Rest: Meditations with the Aramaic Jesus and the Native Middle Eastern Mystics – Tyskland

fre 25 - sön 27 maj 2018

Movement and Rest:

Meditations with the Aramaic Jesus

and the Native Middle Eastern Mystics



The Native Middle Eastern spiritual traditions stem from an ancient nomadic tradition in which life is seen as change and movement, and the inner self (named nephesh, naphsha, or nafs in the various traditions) presents an inner community of voices that are seeking a healthy balance for mutual survival.


During this retreat, we will use teachings and practices suggested by the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language, as well as other mystics of the Middle East, to deepen in our own sense of activity and repose in life. How do we find balance between the needs of the inner life and the outer life? Can we find harmony between our genuine need to pursue goals in life and a sense of deep surrender to the source and goal of everything?


Using the form of a native Middle Eastern ‘sesshin,’ we will alternate gentle moving meditation in the form of Dances of Universal Peace with sitting in silence to absorb the wordless experience further into our hearts. Many of Jesus’ teachings, as well as those from ancient Jewish mysticism and Sufism, also present a deep inner process of transformation. Neil will draw teachings and new Dances of Universal Peace from his most recent work on the Jesus traditions in early Aramaic Christianity as well as the broader colours of Native Middle Eastern spirituality.


The retreat is open to all. Some prior contemplative prayer or meditation experience may be helpful.


“The sign of the Breathing Life of All in you is: movement and rest.”


–Gospel of Thomas, saying 50



Time: Friday dinner through Sunday lunch


Location: Caduceus Zentrum, Niendorfer Weg 5, 29549 Bad Bevensen


Registration and Information: Karin Püscher-Findeisen, zentrum@caduceus.de

Kursledare: Neil Douglas-Klotz
Anmälan: Karin Püscher-Findeisen, zentrum@caduceus.deTA.BORT.DETTA
Plats: Tyskland

Sacred Arts Camp Universella Fredsdanser – ENGLAND

fre 25 maj - lör 2 juni 2018

Sacred Arts Camp 2018 – International Dance & Voice Camp




Chiltern Hills, Oxfordshire, UK


This annual, week-long camp pitched in a beautiful field surrounded by native trees and the rolling Chiltern Hills of Oxfordshire, is a wonderful holiday for adults, teenagers and children.


The Dances of Universal Peace are the main focus of Sacred Arts Camp. These simple circle dances, which can be wonderfully joyful and yet profoundly moving, are inspired by the wisdom and sacred phrases of a number of spiritual traditions. Essentially they are a form of meditation through sacred chants and devotional movements. Daily sessions will be led by certified Dance Leaders.


Voice workshops are also a major feature of the Camp. Experience the joy of singing together, explore your voice, discover harmony and learn beautiful songs from many different sources: sacred, African, gospel, contemporary and traditional. All workshops are with wonderful, experienced teachers.


Other activities include Circle Dance, the Wave (5 rhythms), drumming workshops, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, sharing groups, arts & crafts, and storytelling.


For children of all ages, camp is a wonderful opportunity for natural play and making new friends. There is a space for under 5’s and their carers to meet and play, with some activities provided.


Teenagers also form a vibrant and friendly community within the camp, creating music, sharing and forming long lasting friendships. They are supported in organised workshops, music, games and sports.


Camping is in small circles of tents, around a communal fire with firewood provided. A busy programme of activities and events runs throughout the week, and venues include; a big top, marquees, yurts and tipis. There is so much opportunity to be or to do that you are unlikely to want to leave the site at all – there is even a shop to stock up on provisions! We have a lovely vegetarian café offering hot meals, cakes and a welcoming space!


Camp is above all a celebration, an opportunity to share a gentle creative space where spirit can move freely and community can thrive. Where people can connect with the rhythms of the earth and celebrate their creativity and honour the spiritual richness of our world.


For more information and ticket prices, go to:



Kursledare: Många!

DANCING HEART CAMP Universella Fredsdanser Musik Mantra Cirkeldans Meditation och mer - vid havet – LETTLAND

tis 12 - sön 17 juni 2018

Universella Fredsdanser, mantrasång, musik, meditation och mycket mer!


Det här brukar vara helt fantastiska dagar där vi är många som bidrar till att skapa rum för innerlighet, värme, nya vänskaper och många hjärtvärmande kramar. Vi välkomnar människor i alla åldrar.


Dagarna brukar bjuda på givande aktiviteter för den som vill från tidig morgon till sen kväll - var och en väljer förstås själv vad hen vill delta i.


Förr om åren har vi kunnat vakna och börja dagen med mantrasång, sufiövningar, qi gong, taizesånger, Rumidikter eller katolska böner.


Morgontiden efter frukost har fyllts av sång, Universella Fredsdanser och fri dans till levande rysk sång och musik.


Under eftermiddagen har workshops i dervish-dans, Helande Cirkeldans, "dans med ängel", Heart Chakra Dance och andra klasser avlöst varandra.


Efter middagen samlas vi återigen för Universella Fredsdanser.


För den som vill vara uppe länge har lägerelden tänts och runt den har vi delat folksånger från våra olika länder (framförallt ryska och baltiska sånger) eller också har vi haft bastukväll.


I år dansar vi invid havet, så möjlighet till bad och strandpromenader finns - och kanske dans på stranden!


Vi som leder Universella Fredsdanser är förutom jag, Cajsa, mina vänner Silje från Estland och Yelena och Victoria från Lettland. Jag leder även Helande Cirkeldans och Alexander leder olika slag av mer fri dans och dervish-dans. Fler dansledare och musiker tillkommer.


Från Stockholm är det enkelt att ta färjan över till Riga, där vi blir välkomnade och skjutsade till dansplatsen.


Om du är intresserad, vänligen kontakta mig, Cajsa, för ev. samåkning och bokning av färjan. Kanske blir vi ett helt gäng från Sverige i år!


Jag vill tillägga att för mig personligen har dessa dansveckor i Lettland och förut Estland betytt enormt mycket. Kanske för att det hela sker i litet format så man hinner lära känna varandra. Kanske för att jag upplevt så mycket värme och innerlighet. Kanske för att det är enkelt och opretentiöst - och samtidigt verkligen genuina och givande workshops. Kanske för att jag fått vänner för livet och en kärleksfull dansfamilj på andra sidan Östersjön... /Cajsa


Ta gärna med något musikinstrument om du spelar!


Mer info via facebook:



Kursledare: Cajsa, Silje, Yelena, Victoria och fler

Rebirth from the Breath: Meditation and Movement with the Aramaic Jesus – Holland

fre 15 - sön 17 juni 2018

Rebirth from the Breath:

Meditation and Movement with the Aramaic Jesus



“The sign of the Breathing Life of All in you is: movement and rest.”–Gospel of Thomas, saying 50


During this retreat, we will use teachings and practices suggested by the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language to deepen in our own sense of rebirth and healing. This rebirth can occur when we reconnect with the timeless, always-on part of our nature that Jesus called in Aramaic ruha.


In the Gospel of John, he gives specific ways to do this, which will form the basis of the retreat. We will alternate gentle moving meditation in the form of Dances of Universal Peace with sitting in silence to absorb the wordless experience further into our hearts.


Neil will draw teachings and new Dances of Universal Peace from his most recent work on the Jesus traditions in early Aramaic Christianity as well as Native Middle Eastern spirituality. The retreat is open to all, some prior contemplative prayer or meditation experience is helpful.


Location: DeWeyst, Handel, Netherlands.


Time: Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.


Registration and Information: Saki Lee lightsong@gmail.com

Kursledare: Neil Douglas-Klotz
Anmälan: Saki Lee, lightsong@gmail.comTA.BORT.DETTA
Plats: Holland

Gudinnan och hennes älskade - The Goddess and her beloved – Bardsey Island, WALES

lör 23 - lör 30 juni 2018

A Pilgrimage to Ynys Enlli, Bardsey Island UK Elemental Being, Dancing in Light ~ Ancient Names of the Sacred: the Goddess & Her Beloved


A Pilgrimage to Ynys Enlli ~ Bardsey Island, Wales, UK


Elemental Being, Dancing in Light ~ Ancient Names of the Sacred: the Goddess & Her Beloved


With Shamsia Sandra Sunfire & Geoff Carter


Bardsey (Ynys Enlli in Welsh: ‘the island of the tides’), is a place of pilgrimage that has been of great importance in Welsh religious history and still exercises a fascination. Visitors to the island can see the fragmentary remains of the thirteenth century abbey of the Augustinian Canons who took over from the ancient Celtic foundation of the sixth century. The roofless tower has been adapted for those wishing to hold informal services in the open air. Nearby a Celtic cross stands commemorating the all but obliterated religious past and very numerous (20,000?) saints reputed to have been buried in or near the site. In 1875 a chapel was built and remains open for the purposes of worship and meditation. The island offers its pilgrims an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-orientate their lives and, in its many silences and mysteries, the chance to find peace and newness of life.


Crossing by small boat to the island we will follow in the footsteps of the many pilgrims who have gone before us. This crossing can only be made in good weather and should our crossing be delayed we will endeavour to arrange for you to stay with Dancers of our local Derwenlas Circle. Should we be delayed on our return we must ensure to take a few days extra food.


Information will be provided concerning details.


Please see “Essential Information” under “Staying on Bardsey”.




You are invited to join us on retreat as we seek to resound again with some of the most Ancient Names of the Sacred, touching some of the most ancient parts of ourselves. The Mother, the Great Mother was known by peoples all around the world. When we remember Her we also reconnect with all who have gone before us and we can be touched by the wisdom that has been revealed for over 4000 years in the human heart. Re-membering, re-connecting, re-newing with roots in the past we can grow into our future with love and respect for all life.


From the beginning of time sacred movement, song and story have brought people together ~ at times of ceremony and seasonal celebration and as part of everyday life in renewal and meditation. The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition.


Join us this Summer Solstice allowing the light to reveal more of who we truly are.


Our retreat will be guided by the Native Middle Eastern Cycle composed by Neil Douglas-Klotz & Kamae Amrapali Miller. Using sacred phrases reconstructed from the Old Canaanite, Old Hebrew, Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian languages, we can dedicate ourselves to a reconnection with and embodiment of the deep feminine as expressed by the sacred names of power of our ancient ancestors . We will work with story, meditations and body prayer, Walks and Dances. We will have time to be alone and together, in stillness and movement. We will have structured retreat time and also time in which we can move as we are guided and inspired.


Shamsia Sandra Sunfire has been living and Dancing in Mid-Wales for 23 years. Her local circle at Derwenlas in Wales has been Dancing Dances of Universal Peace for around 28 years now and continues to welcome new Dancers as well as those with more experience and visitors who are in this beautiful part of the world.


Both Shamsia & Geoff have completed a training with Neil Douglas Klotz being particularly drawn to his work.


Geoff Carter provides musicianship and laughter at the local circle in Derwenlas, as well as leading body prayer and meditation.


Costs: £275 / person ~ a deposit of £50/person on booking please. Inclusive of cost of parking at farm, return boat journey, rooms in one of two houses (some single rooms, twin rooms, a room for 3 and double), group retreat space in the old school and the retreat itself.


Excludes ~ food! Self catering ~ all food to be taken to the island. All rubbish to be taken from the island.


Please phone or email us if you are interested in joining us.


Booking essential, maximum 15 places on this retreat.


Shamsia Sandra Sunfire & Geoff Carter: 01650 511513 sandrasunfire@aol.com



please do get in touch if you are interested. We will be renting a house for 8 and at the moment other houses are available for rent but they are much in demand.

Kursledare: Shamsia Sandra Sunfire och Geoff Carter
Anmälan: sandrasunfire@aol.comTA.BORT.DETTA
Plats: Bardsey Island, WALES

Universella Fredsdanser för ungdomar/unga vuxna//dansledare – ENGLAND

mån 13 - fre 17 augusti 2018

Dancing Spirit Youth Camp


Join us for the only Dances of Universal Peace Camp in the UK exclusively for young people. If you are aged 16-30 and interested in dancing or leading dances then this is the camp for you!


Join Jilani, Glen, Daren and Maris for a four day celebration and exploration of the dances, walks, musicianship, voice practices, spiritual background, sufi meditation, breathwork and much more.


Arrival after 1 pm and ideally before 6 pm on Monday afternoon

Programme ends around lunchtime on Friday




Young Adult (16-30) £80


Earlybird Price £70 (book online by 7 July 2017)


All workshops tuition and events are included




For participants who have already attended a previous Youth Camp:

Bring a friend who is new to the Youth Camp, both you and your friend will get a cashback refund: you will receive a £35 cashback and your friend will receive a £10 cashback. To qualify for the cashback you must:


Book yourself and your friend (or friends) online by 7th July 2017. This doesn’t need to be done in one booking – for example, you could book yourself and then a few weeks later book a friend and then a few weeks after that book another friend. So long as all the bookings are completed by you and by the above date, the system wlll automatically recognize that you qualify for the cashback.


Please note that this is a cashback scheme that, for the sake of simplicity is not integrated into the online booking process. This means you will pay the full ticket prices during booking but will receive your cashback as actual cash on the field during the camp!


You may book in multiple new friends. If you book in two friends your cashback will be £70 which means you can come to camp absolutely free!



For participants old & new:

Book for both the main Dancing Spirit Camp and Dancing Spirit Youth Camp to enjoy the following special prices on the main Dancing Spirit Camp:



Adults (26-30) £190 (£150 if attending Dancing Spirit Youth Camp)

Young Adults (19-25) £100 (£70 if attending Dancing Spirit Youth Camp)

Teens (16-18) £80 (£55 if attending Dancing Spirit Youth Camp)


To take advantage of the discounted price first make your booking for the Youth camp – at the end of the Youth camp booking process you will be given a discount code. Now you can book your ticket for the main Dancing Spirit Camp – just input the discount code to get the discounted price. If you booked in a friend for the youth camp, please let them know the discount code so they can book themselves onto the main Dancing Spirit Camp too.


The EARLY BIRD/BRING A FRIEND SCHEME/COMBO TICKET SCHEME may be combined so that all three discounts may be enjoyed.





Book with Paypal - you don't need a Paypal account you can pay by card through this link (available from February 2018)


For other methods of payment please contact juliedacombe@hotmail.com


Feedback from Previous Camps


"It was the best camp I have been on."

"The camp was beautiful and it just made you feel happy."

"It was lovely to spend time with like-minded people without feeling pressure to be anyone you are not."

"The people here are so friendly and accepting and it was a wonderful experience with the dances, I just loved it."

"Lots of variety in the activities, there was something for everyone to enjoy."

"I loved the way everyone worked together to make things happen."

"I loved the way things were so informal and flowing and yet we still got a lot done."

"Very welcoming and fun and relaxing."

"I liked best the welcoming and heart-warming people."

"I loved the people, the silliness, the songs, the teachers, the life sharings."

"Heart-opening and wonderful!" "Three very warm and caring leaders" "The camp needs to be longer, six months twice a year!"

"I loved the kindness people showed to one another and how we learned to feel alive" "Glen, Daren and Jilani were brilliant -- they were always there for us"

"Oh, what to say? I loved the community, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING. Definitely coming back next year"

"I really enjoyed the snuggle space, thanks for giving that opportunity!" "The meditations were wonderful"

"The Lord's Prayer was amazing and put us in a really special place" "I loved the sense of connectedness of the group -- everyone connected to the Source that is at the core"

I liked best "being together with such open and loving people and having heart connections" I liked best "the caring people, the smiles, the happy faces"

I liked best "the possibility of just being myself, being in a group if I wanted to or (just) being on my own"

I liked best "the way in which the group connected, there was a lot of openness and acceptance"






Dancing Spirit Camp Universella Fredsdanser – ENGLAND

lör 18 - sön 26 augusti 2018


Dancing Spirit Camp


The Camp


The Dances of Universal Peace are the main focus of the Dancing Spirit Camp and deeply affect and inform every aspect of the camp experience.



Saturday 18 - Sunday 26 August 2018


Adults (26+) £190 (£210 on gate)

Young Adults (19-25) £100 (£75 if attending Dancing Spirit Youth Camp)

Teens (15-18) £80

Children (5-14) £70

Small children (2-4) £15


All workshops, tuition and events are included.


Booking with Paypal - you don't need a Paypal account you can pay by card through this link (booking available from February 2018)


If coming from oversees you can pre-book your ticket and pay with cash on arrival at the camp.


Please provide personal insurance for you and your family if you think it is necessary.





Dance Weekend med Wali och Arienne – Hamburg, Tyskland

lör 22 - sön 23 september 2018

Dance Weekend Hamburg (Germany)

The Unity of Religious Ideals


We will focus on the Unity behind all apparent diversity and end the weekend with a ritual in dance.


Yoga Centrum Hamburg.

German spoken




Kursledare: Wali och Arienne
Plats: Hamburg, Tyskland

Breathing Life of All: Chant, Movement and Contemplative Prayer with the Aramaic Jesus – England

fre 28 - sön 30 september 2018

Breathing Life of All:


Chant, Movement and Contemplative Prayer with the Aramaic Jesus




Since the publication of Neil Douglas-Klotz’s Prayers of the Cosmos in 1990, which Dr. Matthew Fox called the “seeds of a revolution,” chanting and meditating with the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language has become one of the leading methods of next-generation, community-based ritual. Using Aramaic (either aloud or silently) offers one a direct connection through vibration, sound and breath to the spirituality of person who used the words, as well as to the indigenous Christianity of the Middle East, which predates the Western creeds and original sin-based theology. In the same way that Eastern mantra can, it bypasses the overly-busy, conceptual mind and allows one to enter deeply into feeling and body.


Similar to “contemplative prayer” and the “prayer of the heart,” ministers, therapists, spiritual directors and laypeople around the world have, over the past thirty years, shared this Aramaic body prayer in informal, inter-spiritual gatherings as well as congregations of various denominations. This meditative art combines simple chanting with contemplative, body-based awareness, either sitting in silence or with gentle circle dance movement. It can also be used as a retreat process of spiritual renewal, when various sayings are combined in particular ways. This retreat will offer an experience with its originator, who will also offer suggestions for starting and leading one’s own group.


“Ripe and blessed are those who realize that breath, and its connection to Holy Breath, is all they have. To them belongs the reign of Unity.” – First Beatitude in Matthew, translated from the Aramaic.


–Gospel of Thomas, saying 50


Location: Holland House Retreat Center, Cropthorne WR10 3NB, England


Registration and Information: Holland House website: www.hollandhouse.org or Ian Spencer: ian.spencer@hollandhouse.org

Kursledare: Neil Douglas-Klotz
Anmälan: Ian Spencer, ian.spencer@hollandhouse.orgTA.BORT.DETTA
Plats: England

Saligprisningarna på arameiska – Hamburg

lör 6 - sön 7 oktober 2018

Blessed are Those Who Live by Breathing Unity….

Chant, Movement and Silence with the Aramaic Jesus


A journey through the Beatitudes of Jesus in Aramaic, using chant, simple circle movement and contemplative prayer. In Jesus’ native language, the word “blessed” is best translated “blessedly ripe—at the right time and place.” This simple presence is at the heart of this two-day meditation for and in peace at ecumenical center Kirche der Stille. Following on from the previous two years weekends at Kirche der Stille, we will dive into one of the most profound aspects of Jesus teaching, the Beatitudes in Matthew. This is a healing journey that takes us to deepest part of our self and then resurrects us in power and joy.


Location: ecumenical center Kirche der Stille in central Hamburg


Time: 10-5 Saturday and Sunday


Registration and Information: see the Kirche der Stille website: kirche-der-stille.de

Kursledare: Neil Douglas-Klotz
Anmälan: kirche-der-stille.de
Plats: Hamburg

Rumi and the Buddha med Wali och Arienne – Holland

fre 12 - sön 14 oktober 2018

Dance Weekend De Weyst (Netherlands)

Rumi and the Buddha


In this weekend, the Buddha and Rumi join hands to help us realize that learning about your deeper motivations can help you to learn about yourself and to also help others. Dutch spoken




Kursledare: Wali och Arienne
Plats: Holland



till kurser som vill erbjuda dig livgivande stunder, nya upptäckter, skön egen vila, glädje och källor till ny kraft.


Kurserna som listas här leds av dansledare som har lång erfarenhet och är kända för att leda med stor värme och skicklighet.



bjuder på harmoni mellan rörelse och stillhet, energi och ro.



är kravlös, genomströmmande hela kroppen.


- medveten närvaro - utgör helt naturligt en del av helheten. 

Ditt välbefinnande

och din hälsa i bejakandet av det som är förnyar livets mening andetag för andetag. 



till fantastiska upplevelser runtom i Sverige och Europa.


Dagar av skönhet och mening

och med en innerlighet som berör. 



En del kurser och danskvällar uppstår ibland med kort varsel så titta in då och då!